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In today’s episode we have big news from streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music, a new initiative to fight music piracy and more.

This is Fast Music News.

Apple Music have expanded into 52 new global markets. The music streaming platform is now available in 167 countries. New users in the 52 additional territories will be offered a 6 month free trial of the service.

Spotify have rolled out a new feature to allow artists to accept direct donations from their fans. The new feature named ‘Fundraising Pick’ allows artists to include a link on their profile to PayPal or CashApp to accept tips from their fans.

In other Spotify related news, artists may see a drop in their follower numbers on the platform this week. Spotify have announced plans to remove all follows from artificial user accounts from artist profiles. Stream counts, user library playlist adds and track saves will not be affected.

Anti-piracy service Audio Lock have joined forces with dance music distributor, Label Worx to launch The Music Mission.They plan to work towards closing down more than 300 illegal pirate music sites, with the hope of pushing users to legal services instead. The Music Mission has already gained the support of over 200 labels, distributors and music platforms. They also plan to launch a web app to show exactly how this problem is affecting the music industry.

In the wake of the Corvid-19, musicians, bands and DJ’s have been turning to live streaming as shows are cancelled. This is leading to some interesting innovation. Ticketing app DICE have launched a new live streaming feature called DICE TV.

Audio streaming platform, Mixcloud have also announced a new live streaming feature giving DJ’s and artists the ability to live stream both audio and video. Mixcloud’s license means there should be no issue with copyright takedowns and also allows users to archive the audio, and generate income from their streams.

This has been your Fast Music News update.

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